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These championships will bring together the best women’s and men’s University teams and players and is designed to serve as a forum for inter-cultural exchange and an opportunity to further relations.

The University of Geneva and AGTT welcome all participants and hope to see these Championships unfold in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and exciting competition.

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Dear Friends,

I am happy to greet you at the 7th Table Tennis Championship in Geneva, Switzerland!

On behalf of the whole EUSA community let me express my appreciation for having been invited here. I value the opportunity to share with you the upcoming emotions of joy  and excitement, which all of us expect from this event. It’s a pleasure for me to see, that so many young people gathered here are keen on sport and support the ideals of fair play, equal opportunities, volunteering and education through sport, fostered by EUSA.

19 European Universities Championships to take place this year, the biggest number ever in EUSA history, give a great chance for student-athletes to test their skills and feel a part of European university sport community.

Being here we all serve a common goal – uniting cultures through sport and advertising the power of mind, body and will. Thus, I want to thank the Organizing Committee and other communities involved in the hosting of the Championship for a great job they have done. I also want to thank all the Authorities for their support and contribution to the event.

I’m sure, at this Championship athletes will perform at their best, competing in a fair play manner, respecting the rules and the opponents and will evoke admiration from the spectators.

I hope you will enjoy your stay, I hope you will be satisfied with your results, I hope you will meet new friends and bring back home only wonderful memories. And I also hope to see you next year at EUSA European University Games 2016 in Zagreb/Rijeka!

Good luck to everyone!

Adam Roczek, EUSA President


Almost six years after having the privilege of hosting the European Universities Badminton Championships, the State of Geneva is looking forward to welcome the European Universities Table Tennis Championships from the 19th to the 24th of June 2015.

Table tennis became an Olympic sport during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. This sport gathers more than 260 millions players all around the world. More than 30 millions players are members of one of the 200 national federations, all affiliated to the international federation.

Without a doubt, Table Tennis is the racket game which demands the highest degree of reactivity because of its phenomenal rapidity during rallies. During the European Universities Championships, we will have the chance to attend high level games thanks to all the participants coming from all across Europe.

They will come to fiercely defend the colours of their universities and will offer us a breathtaking spectacle !

The role of the university is not only to provide undergraduate or continuous education , it also is to develop the physical conditions that allow students to compete on a sport field. And this educative dimension of sport is important to me.

This event represents an excellent opportunity to promote sport, especially table tennis. This sport is even closer to my heart as my three children are active players.

May this championship be delightful for everyone, full of intensity and a great moment to share.

Anne Emery-TorracintaState Counsellor, Head of the Department of public education, culture and sport


Welcome to the University of Geneva (UNIGE) : the alma mater that I manage is proud to host a high level event such as the European Universities Table Tennis Championships.

Indeed, every academic institution should wish for the people whom are part of it that they would be stimulated, trained and pushed to a level of Excellency as much for their body as for their spirit.

In a discipline which demands so much precision, control of the gesture and of the movement such as table tennis, I perceive a metaphor with the phenomena of the dialogue. It takes two, at least, in order that the encounter takes shape and develop its art. Both opponents compete making sure that rallies last and appear elegant. The ball gushed out between them. The game is on the line.

The vocabulary of table tennis seems to be based as much on the love of the game as on the effort. May the dialogue between the two opponents foster mutual enrichment.

May the competition be full of surprises and allow progress for everybody who will take part this year in Geneva.

Jean-Dominique VassalliRector of the University of Geneva


The City of Geneva is looking forward to host European Universities Table Tennis Championships. This event takes place in the Sport Center Vernets. This venue is lent by the City of Geneva to the organisers.

Geneva is known all over the world for the its international organisations. It is also a city of culture and traditions. We wish that Geneva would also be identified as a sport city. Therefore, one of our objectives is to keep hosting national and international sport events.

It’s by meeting participants from other countries and by competing with them that young players evolve as athletes and persons. And it is by multiplying this type of events that Geneva will strengthen everybody’s will to practise a sport.

I would like to thank all the organisers of this event, the volunteers and the partners for their commitment and their support.

I wish you plenty of success during theses championships. I am convinced that this event will be a source of unforgettable emotions and memories for all young players.

Excellent tournament to all !

Sami KanaanMayor of Geneva


More than ten years ago, in June 2004, a student from Geneva went by herself to Cracow to participate to the first European Universities Badminton Championships. Back then, this type of event was rare and there were considerably fewer participants.

Nowadays, the European University Sport Association (EUSA) has expanded. Like the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the EUSA organises championships in a variety of different disciplines during every odd year and European Universities Games during every even numbered year.

In that context and after being the host of the 2007 European Universities Basketball Championships and 2009 European Universities Badminton Championships, the Sports department of the University of Geneva is again in charge of an ambitious task such as the organization of the European Universities Table Tennis Championships in June 2015.

These last years, our fellow students have taken almost all national titles during the Swiss Universities Table Tennis Championships. For us, this is an additional driver in order to allow them to reach the European top level. Theses championships will gather the best student athletes of the Old Continent and the competition will definitively be excellent.

We are looking forward to show to all these young athletes our university, our city and our state. We are also happy to work with the Table Tennis state association and national federation in order to make of these championships an unforgettable moment.

We would like to warmly thank municipal, communal, state and national authorities for their support that made possible the realisation of such an event.

Welcome to Geneva and may the best win !

Antonio LatellaHead of the University Sports department